Varsity Tutors

The leading platform for tutoring and live instruction in the United States.

During my four years at Varsity Tutors, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and improve different parts of the business.

Overall, I designed, built, tested, deployed, and maintained multiple React and Ruby applications; and helped grow the team and culture.

Here’s a few highlights…

Initially, I helped decompose and rebuild a set of marketing pages out of monolithic Ruby on Rails application into a suite of microservices and shared packages.

Next, I helped rebuild account dashboards out of that same Rails monolith over to a responsive React application.

Along the way, I implemented a pattern library to increase efficiency and consistency across the growing engineering teams.

From this, I moved on to improving the online tutoring platform. Of all the projects and features I worked on, this was my favorite, the most challenging, and the most impactful.

When I joined Varsity Tutors, less than 30% of tutoring sessions were online, and the goal was to increase that usage.

I led the rebuild of the web platform; including a combination of video chat, text chat, interactive tools, workboards, file upload, and screen share.

With an improved platform in place, online sessions surpassed 90% by the time I departed; and over 4.7 million hours of live instruction in 2020.